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Nitin Mittal
"I would like to say that eposky works as a proficient substance than can work as the best substance to produce wind blades which will reduce cost and generate energy better. The more the production of wind energy, the more it will be beneficial for the overall energy mix."

Nitin Mittal
Industrial Sales Manager - Huntsman Corporation Limited

Huntsman Believes Eposky Can Boost Indian Wind Energy Market

Published In 2019
Though wind energy in India is gaining achievements, it is important to focus on the materials or overall technology that will improvise the technology further and help us to achieve the new energy mix in the Indian energy segment. Nitin Mittal, Industrial Sales Manager - Huntsman Corporation Limited, shares with us the critical role of eposky, challenges faced by the composite industry and future of wind energy in India

  1. Could you describe Huntsman’s role at International Conference & Exhibition on Reinforced Plastics?

  2. Nitin: We, as Huntsman are representing our advanced material division that deals with Eposky chemistry material which is utilised in various industries such as renewable energy – wind energy, adhesives, electrical and automotive.

    ICERP is one of the ideal platforms in India organised for reinforced plastics – a migration from metal industry to a lightweight material. The audience participating or are working for reinforced plastics have switched their preferences as they prefer low maintenance, lightweight material, non – corrosive, and highly sustainable. In the light of the current changing dynamics of the industry, numerous organisations keep looking for innovations and sustainability that will just not reduce cost but also prove effective in long term. ICERP is an ideal platform to meet all the consumers, clients and audience who has been involved in the process of converting components mostly into the reinforced plastics. Also events such as this, helps in introducing the innovation to the potential audience.

    Eposky, a part of our advanced material segment plays a key role to meet the latest product specification at very high end as it is possesses better strength than the other plastic and performs like a metal in the long term. The performance review for Eposky in the long term is better than metal. According to us, eposky surely carries more value addition in every aspect. The maintenance free and efficient mechanical performance proves eposky capable and proficient which provides one with an exceptional alternative in the industry.

    We generally participate in every edition of ICERP as it is a big platform for all of us to showcase our products and connect with existing as well as potential clients. Events like are this are highly beneficial to educate the industry about new innovations and also brief them about how one should migrate from conventional metallic technologies to products or substance that can be more competent.

  3. OAJ: Could you please explain us how it will boost the Indian industry and benefit the Indian energy industry?

  4. Nitin: Talking specifically about energy industry, I would like to elaborate that the eposky plays an important role, especially in the manufacturing blades utilised in wind mill which is turn is utilised to generate the energy through wind energy. As the wind blades range from 60 to 70 meter in length and is installed deep in the earth’s level, one needs a stronger and yet lightweight substance that can hold such huge structures as well perform smoothly and generate the power. Eposky is stronger and yet lightweight material that helps the blades to be bonded well with the wind mill and produce energy smoothly.

    Huntsman is actively involved in manufacturing the blades required for wind energy in India. Though, we are just not restricted our product line to wind energy as we have broad spectrum of products that serves numerous industries. So, I would like to say that eposky works as a proficient substance than can work as the best substance to produce wind blades which will reduce cost and generate energy better. The more the production of wind energy, the more it will be beneficial for the overall energy mix.

  5. Could you please brief about eposky and how is Huntsman associated with eposky?

  6. Mittal: We are the manufacturer of eposky chemistry and supply to the organisations manufacturing wind mills. Even as there are numerous companies manufacturing blades for wind energy but we are the global leaders for the same which operate from multiple locations. We are a technology oriented organisation that offer new innovative technologies for the industry. Though, we are not into making wind blades but we play a key role in manufacturing wind blades as we supply the chemical – eposky which is crucial in making and fabricating the wind blades.

  7. What is the current status of the Indian wind energy?

  8. Mittal: In the past, wind energy used to be very expensive and if I recall, it used to cost approximately `18 - `20 per unit. And in the current situation, it has come down to `3 to `4 which in the current scenario is cheaper than thermal plant or even nuclear plant and it is at solar energy. So, in the last ten years, the cost of producing wind energy per unit in terms of unit per energy as came down to 1/6th of the overall units. If you see the wind energy, approximately ten years back the entire installation capacity in the Indian industry was 2Gigwatts which has now gone to 35 gigawatts so which would be anywhere 70 to 80 times and thus we can notice that the scale has been growing continuously and if we calculate the CAGR then it should be definitely in the scale of 25 percent. The industry which is growing by 25 % per year is always lucrative for any company and many overseas power manufacturing companies are coming to Indian and it creates a lot of opportunities. And that’s what even the government is helping the industry to grow through make in India campaigns and schemes. Under the make in India, there are various programs designed by the government that will ease the challenges faced by the industry.

  9. What is your opinion on the clean energy in India?

  10. Mittal: If one looks into Huntsman portfolio, we have always supported the clean energy and a sustainable form of energy. We are responsible company and almost all our chemicals including eopsky chemistry are solvent free, they are very safe to use and it is not just that we are ensuring the product performance, we are also ensuring the product safety.

    Huntsman is involved in every stage of development and thus we are very well connected with our consumers. Our safety department is highly proactive thus ensuring any kind of damage or spillage is handled meticulously, avoiding any serious mishaps. Huntsman team has always been hands on in handing the challenges faced by the clients.

    The wind energy and the solar energy are helping in numerous collective ways to reduce the carbon footprints and save environment. It is simply that we are taking the help of wind or sun to generate the energy and going back to our natural resources for our needs. So this is the industry which really gel with our strategy and motives being a responsible company. We are eager to work on the technology which is sustainable, environment friendly.

  11. We would like to know how commercially viable solution is this?

  12. Mittal: Though I would like to clarify that it is not very profitable because immense pressure on the wind energy and wind energy blade manufacturers as they are facing fierce competition from the solar energy segment. There have been some cases wherein the reverse option has materialized but the government is helping everyone is their best capacities just because the overall power industry was facing deficient some years back. In the current scenario, though I wouldn’t say we are power surplus but we also cannot deny that the energy mix is thriving the bait and we are moving in positive direction.

    We have seen some slumps in last few quarters but there have been improvement in the current situation and right now I can state that we are in better place. The change in the energy mix is one of the biggest positive changes towards energy sustainability. In the long term, we can see a better future.

  13. With introduction of numerous policies and government easing the norms has opened the gates for international market, According to you how attractive market is Indian renewable energy?

  14. Mittal: Well, if one looks at the Indian wind energy scenario, not every Indian state has potential for wind energy. There are few states which are highly rich in wind such as belt of west, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan. According to a survey, some years back, we were just utilising only 10 percent of the entire potential available of the Indian wind energy. If we could explore the rest 90 percent, we could probably change the dynamics of the overall energy mix. The adoption of alternative energy has already reduced the dependency on the fossil fuels but we still far from the target and such practices will definitely help the energy mix.

  15. How are we planning to increase eposky’s consumption in the Indian market in the coming years?

  16. Mittal: The consumption of our chemical product is directly linked to the number of blades somebody will be manufacturing and as that improves our scale also increases and improves. In the last few years, since there was lot of investment pouring from the foreign countries, we have seen gradual increase in the capacity and thus with the ease in the government norms and regulation, we are hoping for more investments which will eventually increase the consumption of eposky in the Indian market.

    Huntsman has always been planning strategically for long term goals which help us in overcoming the situational crisis.

  17. Could you share with us the developments in the wind energy sector in India and how it is helping the Indian Composites Industry?

  18. Mittal: There has been tremendous evolution with respect to eposky chemistry. During the initial years of wind energy, the blades used in the wind mill were made from another chemical known as polyester. Polyester is a cheap product which is unable to perform in the harsh environment which the wind blades are regularly exposed to such as rain, sunlight, sea water, humidity, etc. and thus is unable to deliver the desired output. The harsh environment also required high maintenance which impacts the pockets.

    But, recently, a respectable amount of market has moved to eposky chemistry which is providing them with the best performance compared to any another available material in the market. Due to the specific requirements for a product from the specific market is now precise, eposky is now the preferred substance. I would like to convey that government policies have assisted the industry to grow as an overall market.

    India is now an attractive as well as huge market on the global economic platform. Some years we use to just hear the names of big multinational companies but now we see them establish their branches in India. This, itself shows India’s potential as well as the demand in the international market. In the recent times, there have been developments not just in wind blades but also in the power generation, distribution and the generators. It has been our privilege that we have participated in every new developments of the generator technology and able to witness that generators not only generate the power but also transmit to the power grid efficiently. This and many such developments make us believe that the road towards cleaner and efficient energy is not far.

  19. May we request you to address the challenges ahead and how the government as well as the industry plans to resolve?

  20. Mittal: There are some application now even in the composite industry which are generated by the conventional energy which can be now converted or upgraded into a technology which will be a value addition. We expect that the government bodies or regulatory bodies to look into the long term future and long term viability of the chemistry as eposky is effective solution across the world.

    Well, if we talk about Indian market which a bit price sensitive and in absence of lot of regulatory control, the industry is unable to function in its best way. Though, huntsman is not being completely understand that it is process and system will need time to perform better but in the meantime, we use platforms like ICERP, wherein we can meet dignitaries from the industry and also from regulatory bodies who will help us paving out a solution for the challenges faced by numerous organisations. It is an excellent dais to educate people about the new innovative technologies that will help us to achieve a better future of the Indian economy from the composite point of view. Our platform is just to educate the market about better technologies that can prevent the use of cheap technologies which are not at all good from long term perspective.

  21. Do you think in future it will be better outreach and better market for eposky and Huntsman?

  22. Mittal: It should be! The minute we are talking about our participation in India in the composite industry, I think we have achieved a very good growth and we are working on so many technologies. We are talking about fire resistance technology for the railway application which is very sensitive application and we are proud to share that Huntsman has developed products or c chemistry that can handle such grieve situations and avoid any damage.

    We are working on technologies on multiple segments and various industries which are giving better performance and consume the lowest possible energy even if it is a railway or a metro train. We say that the future for the composite market is bright.

    Presently, we are trying to bring the technologies we have developed across the world in Indian market as lot of technology adaption is still happening in market like Europe. We still see a lot of potential in lot of application. The oil and gas industry in India is still using the metallic pipes are used for moving the liquid but we are having some of our consumers who have converted the metallic pipes into composite pipes which doesn’t corrode at all, no welding required. Metallic pipes usually rupture but in the technology we provide in the composite industry, we have any of such challenges. So once you install a composite pipe underground, it is good for 40 years of 50 years.

    So, I believe composite industry will see good future in Indian market.

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